Tony V's Pizza & Restaurant

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

"Since we switched to only offering straws when customers ask for them, we have reduced our straw use by 60%" -Ryan Nesci, owner
Ryan Nesci, owner with Michaela Penwarden-Watson, co-founder of Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury

Recognized Actions:

1. Straws are only given upon request. Tony V's as reduced the amount of straws by 60% from doing this!

2. Candies are in a bowl located at the front of the restaurant, rather than given with every bill.

3. They have switched from plastic bags to paper bags -also upon request.

4. Tony V's now only gives out plastic cutlery for takeout at a cost of 25 cents.

5. Styrofoam containers for salad are in the process of been switched out to sugar cane containers.


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