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The Nickel Refillery Inc.

The Nickel Refillery Inc. is a zero waste store on Regent Street. Customers bring in their own containers and fill up on bulk items or they purchase a deposit jar. Nothing is packaged in plastic! To date, they've diverted more than 100,000 single-use items from the local landfill!

Recognized Actions:

Here's their team at a Junction Creek clean up this fall
  1. All food items come either package free, in a refundable jar, or a donation jar. Customers bring in their own containers to fill up on food. They also have the option to buy a jar for $2.50 and get their deposit back when they bring the jar back. Lastly, the Refillery accepts donation jars from customers, they sanitize them, and offer them back to customers for $0.50.

  2. The Refillery partners with many local food makers including Tacos Tacos, Beards (both Pledge members!), Zaher's Hummus, and Shift Bakery to offer even more unpackaged food options!

  3. They have Terracycle boxes available for anyone to use. Terracycle recycles waste that the city cannot accept. They have a kitchen box that accepts chip bags, coffee bags, etc.

  4. They rent out affordable stainless steel dishes, cups, and cutlery for people to use at parties to eliminate the need for single-use plastics.

Other Actions:

  1. They have partnered with Pure (a soap company in Quebec) to send back empty 20L jugs. When Pure sends a delivery they also make sure there is enough room for the jugs to go back. Every few months, they send back about 25 jugs!

  2. This summer, they donated shampoo and soap to Sudbury Street Arts, run by Myth and Mirrors. It is a welcoming space for people experiencing poverty, homelessness and/or street involved people to drop in each week.

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