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The Motley Kitchen

Recognized Actions:

Natalie Lefebvre, owner/manager/chef of Motley Kitchen

1. You won't find ANY kind of straw here!

2. Takeout containers are compostable (*with the City not your backyard compost)

3. All bags are paper

4. The Motley Kitchen doesn't sell water bottles in house (they do have them available for catering, but only by request)

5. They rent out metal cutlery for catering but have plastic cutlery available for customers by request

6. No little plastic wrapped candies

7. They offer two kind of catering trays, reusable ones that they pick up after the catering and disposable ones that are made of aluminium and cardboard

8. Only reusable glasses for catering

Other Actions:

1. The Motley Kitchen compost all of their food waste at the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, which is conveniently across the street from them. Natalie is excited for City composting that will hopefully become available sooner than later.

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