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Sudbury Indie Cinema

"We don’t think you should have to park your environmental consciousness at the door to enjoy a film on the big screen"

Sudbury Indie Cinema is Northern Ontario's Art House Cinema! Since 2015 when this not-for-profit co-op opened, they have been plastic-free!

Recognized Actions:

  1. Coffee and tea are offered in a compostable cup with a recyclable lid. Staff working at the concession remind customers which waste receptacle to place the cup and lid when they are done. They found this works better than signs! They have committed to asking customers if they would like a lid to try and reduce the plastic.

  2. All other drinks are either in cans or glass, including pop and beer.

  3. Their popcorn is offered in compostable bags!

  4. Other snack including chocolate are all in recyclable cardboard boxes.

Other Actions:

  1. Recycling and compost is available for customers. To ensure customers place items in the right bins, staff verbally tell customers which bins the waste goes into. Every week Indie Cinema sorts their waste to make sure everything is in the right bins! THIS is what we love to hear!!

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