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Salty Dog Bagels

When we met with Justin he said business has doing well despite the pandemic. We have been in touch with Salty Dog for quite a few months and are so excited to have them on board with the Pledge!

Recognized Actions:

1. They have been using wooden utensils for take-out since they opened but are now only giving them out when a customer requests

2. All single-use stir sticks are wooden and when staff make a coffee they use a metal spoon instead

3. Their delicious bagels are given out in paper bags

4. They sell salad too (who knew) that come in a compostable bowl and a recyclable lid

5. Coffee comes in paper cups

6. Their everything bagel seasoning comes in a glass bottle, great for reusing for other spices/seasonings!

Other Actions:

1. They are looking at buying soap and cleaning in products from The Nickel Refillery to reduce even more waste

2. When Bulk Barn allows us to bring our own containers again, they will look into buying seasoning and some ingredients from there

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