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Rock Garden Cafe at Health Sciences North

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

"By switching from styrofoam to compostable take-out containers and soup bowls, we are now keeping close to 6000 pieces of styrofoam out of Sudbury's landfill." -Rock Garden Representative 

Recognized Actions:

  1. 10 cent discount on coffee when you bring a reusable mug

  2. No plastic straws

  3. Only have paper bags for pastries

  4. Compostable take-out containers and soup bowls

  5. Plastic bags are only available upon request

  6. Reusable cream and milk canisters for coffee station with wood stir sticks

Other Actions:

  1. Compostable serviettes and paper towel 

  2. Pizza boxes are made of cardboard

  3. Coffee machines are drip with compostable filters

  4. Started composting on August 1st and have since eliminated around 16L of organic materials per day from ending up in Sudbury's landfill

  5. Most ingredients used for their meals come from Ontario-based farms

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