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Recognized Actions:

1. Pinchman's offer paper bags for take-out

2. Pre-covid you could bring your own bread bag and they would pack it with their delicious bread!

3. If you brought your own mug (pre-covid as well) you would get 25 cents off your coffee! That is one of the best deals we've seen around town!

4. When you order take-out, they don't offer plastic utensils unless you ask. This is a great way to still offer them to customers that need them but most of us just eat take-out at home anyways (with lots of metal utensils).

5. If you order breakfast, it will be wrapped in butcher paper, which is compostable!

Other Actions:

1. Pinchman's is an awesome supporter of waste reduction! In 2018, we had a cutlery drive where we collected metal utensils for many schools and groups. Pinchman's set up a box for people to drop off utensils. We were able to collect over 1,000 pieces of cutlery!!

2. They also work closed with The Nickel Refillery and offer zero waste treats! YUM

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