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P&M's Kouzzina

"For takeout we have stopped giving out plastic cutlery, plastic bags, and styrofoam containers, among other changes in the restaurant. In doing so, we have eliminated almost 5,000 single-use plastic items a month." -Matt Moutsatsos, manager

Recognized Actions:

Junior Moutsatsos, owner, with his son, Matt Moutsatsos, manager

1. Instead of giving out plastic cutlery with every takeout order, P&M's now asks customers if they would like a set of bamboo cutlery instead! Not only are they eliminating single-use plastic, they are reducing waste by asking first!

2. They have switched plastic bags for paper bags.

3. Candies are now offered in a bowl at the front of the restaurant, instead of being given with every bill. P&M's started doing this before we worked with them because they were noticing so many candies were going untouched.

4. No more plastic straws found here! They switched out the plastic ones for paper straws, and again these are only given when a customer asks.

5. All styrofoam containers are now switched for hard plastic and paper ones! While some are still plastic they are hoping customer reuse them as tupperware containers.

6. The restaurant used to go through 2,500 individually wrapped crackers every month! They have decided to stop ordering crackers all together.

7. Milk and cream is now offered in stainless steal containers for coffee and tea.

8. They have completely gotten rid of little margarine packets, which means 3,000 fewer end up in the garbage!

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