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Old Rock Coffee

"If we all do some small steps to reduce plastic then it will become a big thing, and if we can all jump in together it will make it easier for everyone." -Carole Roy, co-owner

Recognized Actions:

1. This coffee shop is switching from plastic bags to paper ones! These are only offered by request too.

2. When you get a drink at Old Rock you won't get a straw right away, only if you ask for one! Keep your eyes peeled for paper straws, coming soon.

3. Bamboo stir sticks have always been the only stir stick option here!

4. When ordering a large amount of coffee, you can choose the reusable coffee carafes and return them when you're done on an honour system.

5. They recently switched from wrapping desserts in plastic wrap to a display case.

Other Actions:

1. There is a water refill station with glasses instead of paper cups.

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