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KGHM Sudbury - Victoria Mine Office (Lorne Street)

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Recognized Actions:

1. Stock a supply of metal utensils in the kitchen/lunch area for staff 

2. Use ceramic plates, reusable water glasses, and coffee mugs 

3. Staff are encouraged to bring reusables for food/drink items

4. Make special requests for lunch caterers to omit plastic utensils with any deliveries

5. Refillable water station for staff and to use for meetings

6. Only use a reusable, refillable coffee machine

7. Always reuse plastic binders, dividers, etc.

8. Staff recently purchased metal straws (as seen above) to use instead of plastic

Other Actions:

1. Worked with us during the summer of 2018 to collect metal utensils for local school lunch programs. This team alone successfully supplied LoEllen Park Secondary School with enough reusable utensils to supply the school with enough to stop using plastic utensils for their breakfast program

2. They have a collection box to recycle old pens, markers etc. through the local Staples Recycling program, which keeps them out of the landfill

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