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Guide for a Plastic-Free Thanksgiving

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together and celebrate what they're thankful for. This holiday usually includes a lot of food (mostly homemade, which is good for us plastic-free goers). Here are some tips to reduce waste this Thanksgiving so you can enjoy your feast guilt-free!

1. Start by thinking about your food shopping

The Market in Sudbury is open this Thursday (from 2 pm to 7 pm) and is a great place to start your shopping. Not only can you buy local and fresh food free from packaging, but you are also supporting farmers (a win-win if you ask us).

Of course, going to the grocery store is unavoidable to buy all of your yummy ingredients. Reduce your plastic purchasing by opting for produce that does not come in packaging and bring produce bags to keep all your items together.

Reduce food waste

Part of reducing plastic waste includes being responsible for controlling the amount of other waste.

How much to serve: figure out how many people are coming for your meal to plan how much food to make. This picture is a great tool to understand how much food you should have for the number of guests.

What to do afterwards: Another way to avoid food waste is to get crafty with leftovers! Check out this blog post for 6 ways to use up Thanksgiving leftovers with ideas spanning from making vinegar from wine to a yummy shepherd's pie.

3. Table setting & Decor

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take out your nice china and cloth napkins. To make the clean up easier, start the meal off with an empty dishwasher, drainboard, and washing machine so everything can be loaded up afterwards.

If you don't have enough dishes, chairs, or cutlery see if a family member or friend can lend you some.

Finally, why not show off some autumnal fresh flowers, candles, or gourds for your table!

Let us know if you have any other tips to reducing your waste for Thanksgiving!

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