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Salute Coffee Company

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Recognized Actions:

1. Offers a 20 cent coffee discount when customers bring their own mug

2. Crackers for soup come package free

3. Continue to offer a water station with glassware on site

4. Stir sticks are wooden and compostable

5. Milk and cream are kept in carafes, no creamers

6. Paper bags for baked goods

7. All cutlery is made out of bamboo

Other Actions:

1. Purchase their kale locally from Smart Greens Sudbury

2. Looking into offering paper straws in the near future and swapping other plastic cutlery to bamboo when supply runs out

3. Compostable napkins

4. Smoothie cups are made of recycled plastic

5. Recycling is offered on-site

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