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Central Manitoulin Public School - Rainbow District

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

"Each year, our school participates in a community service activity called “Pitch In” where we clean up the areas within walking distance of our school. In return, the municipality provides free public skating and curling as part of the winter physical education program." -Cori Davy, teacher
Teachers showing off their mugs

Recognized Actions:

1. Staff use drip coffee and mugs every day

2. Metal cutlery and dishes from the breakfast program for students and staff who need it for their lunch

3. Water refill station for students to use. If they don't have a water bottle, students are offered a mug or cup if they need it.  On sport days, staff fill a big thermos jug of water for students to re-fill their bottles from!

Other Actions:

1. This school recently participated in a week long "plastic-free" week where students spent time learning about waste and taking action against single-use plastics!

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