École Secondaire Hanmer

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

"Each student is empowered to become self-reliant, realize their potential, and become a responsible citizen, able and willing to make a positive contribution to their environment and the society in which they live" -Luce Lepage, teacher

Recognized Actions:

1. Working to remove the use of all plastic straws

2. Promote and encourage staff and students to use reusable water bottles

3. Discourage single-use plastic baggies, and other plastic bags for lunches to promote waste-less lunches

Other Actions

1. One of the two French schools who became certified French EcoSchools in Greater Sudbury

2. Participate in Earth Hour events including turning off lights and technology when not in use

3. Students work together on ongoing projects such as the community garden

4. Students collaborate on recycling and composting, and have been so successful at reducing waste that the city came and removed one of their large waste containers because it was no longer needed!

See more about their ecoSchool actions here: https://www.ontarioecoschools.org/news/first-two-certified-french-ecoschools-greater-sudbury-together/