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Take the Pledge

for Greater Sudbury




There are three steps to join the movement:

  1. We will begin by working with you to conduct a single-use plastic audit and create an action plan to get started. The action plan will lay out what items you decide to change and ones you may tackle later. 

  2. Once you have Taken the Pledge, you will receive our Plastic-Free Greater Sudbury window decal to share your pledge!

  3. Based on how many how many items your remove or reduce will qualify you for different levels. 

  • bronze: is the basic pledge, in which your business removes or reduces a minimum of three single-use plastic items

  • silver: is a pledge to change at least six single-use plastics

  • gold: is a pledge to make at least 10 changes within your establishment

We will provide continual support should you encounter any problems or if you are looking to make more changes. If you are a business, school, workplace, or organization and want to Take the Pledge, send us an email in the form below. 

Check out the other members who have Taken the Pledge!

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To Take the Pledge means to remove or reduce three single-use plastic items in your establishment. We have worked with restaurants, cafes, schools, workplaces, and organizations!

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