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How can YOU contribute?


Take the Pledge by saying no, thank you!

With every plastic bag, cup or spoon that you refuse, you are starting the conversation. Ask the business or workplace to stop using single-use plastics. When we stop the demand, we stop the production.


Take what you need with you when you leave the house. Make it a family norm by using unique colors and relatable education to make it stick (we can help with this!) 


1. Bring your own mug or mason jar (with lid) for water and coffee


2. Bring a reusable bag  or reuse old plastic bags


3. Bring your own metal utensils and/or straw 


4. If you're getting take-out, ask them to use your container = no clean-up!


5. Purchase natural fibre clothing and fabrics when able and avoid plastic-based ones, when you can...this can prevent plastic fibres from being washed down the drain into our drinking water when you do your laundry. 


But what next? 

Disposable plastic items are so common that it’s easy not to notice them. But disposable plastic is everywhere...including our water. 


Challenge yourself to find alternatives to the everyday single-use plastics and plastic-based materials in your life (for example, try using a shampoo bar instead of a shampoo bottle, a washable cloth instead of a plastic loofah, or buying organic cotton or hemp material instead of polyester or nylon, when able). 


Message us and we can help you take the pledge against some easy to change single-use plastic items! 


What can you do to help make this a success in Greater Sudbury? 

1. Let your city councillor and Mayor know that you want to see less plastic in Greater Sudbury! Send a letter or an email using our templates at these links: English Template or French Template.


You can find City Council contact information here


2. Sign our petition to let our mayor know that you want to see less single-use plastics in and around Greater Sudbury! 


3. Get involved in local plastic-free projects around your neighborhood. Have a cool project idea? Let us know and we'll help make it happen. 


4. And, be sure to help spread the word by sharing our social media pages with friends and family Facebook , Twitter and Instagram




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